Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Music & New Year 2014

Thought I'd do a new blog as today is Jan. 1, 2014 and I've not blogged in well over a year, I figured it's time to crank this back up again.  So, I'll start some musical comments separately, as I hear something that I'm inspired to write about.  It may be a very short blog for some quick thoughts on how I feel about a certain song, album or artist. I listen to music primarily on streaming service Spotify so most of what I write about will be via their available music, which is pretty extensive and seems to growing.  2014 should be an even bigger year for them and their competitors.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I redesigned the page this morning, and posted a new profile pic of me and Angie on our 25th wedding anniversary back on June 27th.  For some reason, I think I resemble Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) in that picture.  Well, I do like some of the Spanish/Flamenco music! 
I'm into the music apps Spotify & Soundrop (big-time) so thought I'd share some links to my streaming playlists's one great for a Sunday morning chillout, or late-night Saturday.  Check out "Space Journeys" at

And for those late-40/early-50-something folks, here's a flashback to 70's FM rock:

Here's a streaming playlist station of some of my all-time favorite movie & TV soundtracks, including Dirty Harry, Bullitt, The Outer Limits, Body Heat:

And, here's a station of newer music & artists I'm into, you might like too:

Let me know if you like any music from the above stations :-)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here it is Saturday,  August 11, 2012 and my first post since May - my how the time flies.  Not much going on, just chillin' at the moment listening to one of my Spotify/Soundrop playlists/streaming stations in the Sennheiser headphones.  Been wanting to do some original guitar recordings but haven't had a lot of extra time for that in the past couple of weeks or so - maybe I'll do some of that tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New original music recording plans

Some of my friends/family know that I play guitar, played with a band many years ago.  In recent years I've basically dabbled in home recording, coming up with instrumental pieces built around a drum machine pattern but not really coming up with finished songs, more like fragments or pieces of music that might sound alright if fully developed.  I think a hang-up for me is that I've been worried too much about making a polished, produced "record" instead of having fun with the process.  Anyway, to cut to the chase, I've been thinking that if I can come up with several complete songs that are of short duration (2 minutes, 30 seconds, max) that should be fairly doable.  So, hopefully I can come up with at least one new tune over the upcoming long weekend (is it Friday yet?!) and post to Facebook for y'all to hear. 
Well, here it is already the month of May and what a year it's been so far - the months are really flyin' by.  What I'm into currently is creating Spotify playlists! (well, actually I've been into this since discovering Spotify back around November).   As I type these words, I've got my newest playlist cranked up:  "30 Cool 70's/80's Songs - Week of May 21-25", consisting of a short-list of 30 specially selected songs that'll rock your world. This playlist will be updated every week (or maybe a song or two will change every day :-)  Here's the link (if you have Spotify/Facebook, just click this and you can access it) 30 Cool 70's/80's Songs (Week of May 21-25)  Decided to do a short list like this to give a listening experience with a more "live dj" kind of feel (less random) even though there's no dj to be heard I'd like the songs to sound like they're being picked right before you hear them.  My enjoyment of this playlisting stuff is a direct result of being a lifelong listener of the radio coupled with a great dissatisfaction with what's on the radio these days (including XM/Sirius) - just call me a frustrated disc jockey!  Feel free to comment if you like this or have ideas for improvement, song ideas, etc.  Thanks for checking out the tunes!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New year - new post!

Haven't posted in quite a while so thought I'd post a short update.  Not much is new but I have discovered Spotify and have been building quite a few playlists so far this year, the major one being "That 70's & 80's Playlist - Classic Hits & 8-Track Flashbacks", not over 1,000 tracks, with 40 subscribers.  I also check out Facebook daily, and Steve Hoffman's music forum.  I bought a new guitar effects box a couple weeks back but have only played with it once - I really need to get back into some guitar recording.  Another musical thing I'm excited about & recently discovered: UJam!  You sing a song acapella or play a melody on an instrument and UJam provides a backing band when it's played back - pretty cool!